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With no job and no luck getting hired in a corrupt industry, my options are... 

7 deviants said All of the Above
6 deviants said Bankruptcy
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P.O.Holland — 楓MEDIA
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Here is a bit of general advice to those aware of my struggles and itching to be helpful: solutions are required, not platitudes.  Things will not "work out" without a plan, one can not "get out there" if that venue is not clearly defined, and to "turn life around" is an outcome, not a method.

And for those who think they have solutions, here are some harsh truths to keep in mind:

— Learning new skills does not make necessarily make one more hirable, but often more "expensive" in employers' eyes.

— Entrepreneurism may well blacklist one as "too independent" to hire, regardless of success or skill.

— Most pro jobs are filled before the position is even listed, published solely to satisfy legal obligation.

—Freelancers are usually mistaken for "cheap labor" and treated accordingly.

— And lastly, the option to move to new places does not realistically exist if there is no definite job waiting there.

Finally, when I say there is work I cannot do, it is not due to aversion, but rather experience and proven limitations.  

So bearing all this in mind, I encourage and welcome any realistic help that may be offered.

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For those not familiar, one of my esoteric pursuits is the Toyama-Ryu Iaido, a school of Japanese swordsmanship.  With an event coming up to test for rank — which entails a bit of air travel across half the continent — I decided to properly tag my new gun-cum-sword-case for the trip.

I had no problem with the basic black of the case itself, yet as a fully-trained graphic designer, "customization" meant more than just slapping a mass-produced sticker or two on things, or stenciling a label.  Instead, I prepared a full custom decal set to not only to make clear its contents, but to transform it into proper samurai gear featuring my own unique kamon.

Since my printers are unable to output white ink, I had to make do with opaque white decals and black overprint:  an imperfect solution that produced decals slightly darker than the case surface, but not enough to be an issue.  Print quality aside, the pebbled surface of the case meant that a good volume of decal set fluid was required to ensure proper adherence.

Shown here is the completed application prior to cleaning up the slight white halos on the edges.  For aesthetic reasons, I blacked out the original, obtrusive product logo.
Applied-140712 by Phaeton99
Once the decals were set and the edges touched up, things needed to be properly sealed and protected to survive regular handling, not to mention the bumps and scrapes of travel. Over the course of several days, I applied a thick layer of clear coat to each decal, then a single coat of matte to take off the gloss.
Masked-140714 by Phaeton99
The final results...
Detail-140716 by Phaeton99
Walkaround2-140716 by Phaeton99
The real test will be the trip itself, of course.
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Odyssey class (If it's not too much)
Tue Jun 5, 2012, 1:55 PM
How about colossus class
Fri Jul 29, 2011, 5:47 PM
Pangea Class O.o
Tue Jul 21, 2009, 2:10 PM
Titan Class
Wed Feb 4, 2009, 6:02 PM


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